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Towards a UML profile for the description of dynamic software architectures


In this paper, we propose a unified approach based on visual notations for describing dynamic component-based software architectures. Our approach allows describing the static, the dynamic and the behavioral aspect as well as the architectural constraints to be respected during the architecture evolution. We specify, using UML2.0, the static aspect of a software architecture in accordance with an architectural style, the dynamic aspect the graph transformation rules, and the behavioral aspect based also on the UML2.0 notation. These specifications are defined according to the proposed notation integrating UML2.0 and OCL language. Indeed, all constraints, all functional and some structural actions can be expressed using the OCL language. These three aspects offer to the architects an intuitive and complete way to specify the software architecture.


Kacem, Mohamed Hadj; Miladi, Mohammed Nadhmi; Jmaiel, Mohamed; Kacem, Ahmed Hadj; Drira, Khalil (2005): Towards a UML profile for the description of dynamic software architectures. Component-oriented enterprise applications, Proceedings of the conference on component-oriented enterprise applications (COEA 2005). Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.. PISSN: 1617-5468. ISBN: 3-88579-399-7. pp. 25-39. Regular Research Papers. Erfurt. 20. September 2005