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Exploring the Relations Between Net Benefits of IT Projects and CIOs' Perception of Quality of Software Development Disciplines

dc.contributor.authorVavpoti?, Damjan
dc.contributor.authorRobnik-Šikonja, Marko
dc.contributor.authorHovelja, Tomaž
dc.description.abstractSoftware development enterprises are under consistent pressure to improve their management techniques and development processes. These are comprised of several software development methodology (SDM) disciplines such as requirements acquisition, design, coding, testing, etc. that must be continuously improved and individually tailored to suit specific software development projects. The paper proposes a methodology that enables the identification of SDM discipline quality categories and the evaluation of SDM disciplines' net benefits. It advances the evaluation of software process quality from single quality category evaluation to multiple quality categories evaluation as proposed by the Kano model. An exploratory study was conducted to test the proposed methodology. The exploratory study results show that different types of Kano quality are present in individual SDM disciplines and that applications of individual SDM disciplines vary considerably in their relation to net benefits of IT projects. Consequently, software process quality evaluation models should start evaluating multiple categories of quality instead of just one and should not assume that the application of every individual SDM discipline has the same effect on the enterprise's net benefits.de
dc.relation.ispartofBusiness & Information Systems Engineering: Vol. 62, No. 4
dc.relation.ispartofseriesBusiness & Information Systems Engineering
dc.subjectAttribute evaluation
dc.subjectIT project management
dc.subjectKano model
dc.subjectNet benefits
dc.subjectOrdEval algorithm
dc.subjectSoftware development process
dc.titleExploring the Relations Between Net Benefits of IT Projects and CIOs' Perception of Quality of Software Development Disciplinesde
dc.typeText/Journal Article