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Development of Monitoring and Assessment Database System (EDMRAS) for War Related Environmental Damages in Kuwait

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Over a decade several survey and assessment projects have been conducted in Kuwait relating to assessing environmental damages due to war. Data and information has been collected characterizing the pollution in the air, water and soil in areas affected by spreading of pollution. Despite these efforts there exists a gap in knowledge on the longterm effects of the released pollutants, their fate and pathways as well as the potential risks associated with their existence in the environment. A five-year program has been developed to monitor and assess the damages resulting form the events associated with the Iraqi aggression in Kuwait. This requires compilation of all relevant data and information and their critical evaluation. In addition, intensive monitoring has been implemented to characterize in details the present quality/pollution of the different environmental compartments-ground water, marine and coastal, terrestrial and public health consequences. An integrated Environmental Data Management, Reporting and Assessment System (EDMRAS) has been developed for the program by compiling outputs from different environmental components. The system supports multiple environmental data themes such as air, soil, water, flora and fauna. The system allows collection of data from a variety of sources and projects to provide an overview of environmental conditions. Comparison of existing conditions with baseline data can be achieved allowing for rapid assessment of environmental effects. It has the ability to be integrated with a wide variety of analysis and numerical modeling software, allowing users to automate analysis and modeling processes and ensuring that all work is based upon the most reliable, up to date information available.


Roy, Waleed; Assem, Adel (2002): Development of Monitoring and Assessment Database System (EDMRAS) for War Related Environmental Damages in Kuwait. Environmental Communication in the Information Society - Proceedings of the 16th Conference. Wien: IGU/ISEP. Environmental Information Systems. Wien. 2002