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Resilience in Security and Crises through Adaptions and Transitions


Currently, there is a tremendous number of communication technology and systems in use. Not only in the private user space, but also in business operations and societal areas, they are deeply involved: Ranging from messaging services or navigation over (critical) SCADA systems to whole digital cities and communities. Consequently, the view on communication networks in security and particularly crisis scenarios becomes inevitable. This paper examines the notions of resilience, adaption and transition within communication networks with a specific focus on crises. Based on a structured literature review, the fundamentals of resilience and communication networks are introduced. The paper then discusses the characteristics of (a) evolvability, accessibility, usability and diversity as well as (b) self-organization, -management, -optimization, - monitoring, -healing and -protection for communication network resilience. Finally, it outlines challenges and potentials of communication network resilience based in the use cases of security and crises.


Kalle, Timo; Kaufhold, Marc-André; Kuntke, Franz; Reuter, Christian; Rizk, Amr; Steinmetz, Ralf (2019): Resilience in Security and Crises through Adaptions and Transitions. INFORMATIK 2019: 50 Jahre Gesellschaft für Informatik – Informatik für Gesellschaft (Workshop-Beiträge). DOI: 10.18420/inf2019_ws60. Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.. PISSN: 1617-5468. ISBN: 978-3-88579-689-3. pp. 571-584. IT-Unterstützung in Emergency Management & Response. Kassel. 23.-26. September 2019