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Internet-Based Provision of Regional Geographical Information Using Webservice Technologies

dc.contributor.authorSeewald, Gerrit
dc.contributor.authorPetersen, Michael
dc.contributor.editorMinier, Philippe
dc.contributor.editorSusini, Alberto
dc.description.abstractGeoscientific space-time-related information (geoinformation) becomes a more and more important resource for every economic sector and especially in the sector of regional planning. Many communities discover the huge value of the currently available geoinformation which has been aggregated in their fields of responsibilities. For every planning process with spatial and regional reference a huge amount of influence factors and boundary conditions have to be investigated in order to provide the prerequisites for further planning processes. These investigative tasks are often related with a great effort concerning time and money, because there are no standardized interfaces which provide an efficient access to the necessary geoinformation related to a specific question. Furthermore, information regarding the location and regional particularities has to be gathered from various heterogeneous sources. These sources for regional geoinformation can be both public and private providers which offer a huge variety of geospatial data, different formats, of maps, digital ortho images in combination with special data like population data and environmental data. Thus, in this paper two examples have been chosen in order to demonstrate the holistic approach for an integration and provision of regional geo-referenced information. The demands for regional and urban planning processes are represented in the field of groundwater information and regional groundwater management; the needs of private inquiries are demonstrated with the management of DUDS and ordnances as an adequate example for geoinformation needed by publicity and citizens.de
dc.publisherEditions du Tricorne
dc.relation.ispartofSh@ring – EnviroInfo 2004
dc.titleInternet-Based Provision of Regional Geographical Information Using Webservice Technologiesde
dc.typeText/Conference Paper
gi.conference.sessiontitleTrack 5: Environmental GIS & Remote Sensing