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Teaching Software Testing Using Automated Grading


Software testing has become a standard for most software projects. However, there is a lack of testing in many curricula, and if present, courses lack instant feedback using automated systems. In this work, we show our realization of an exercise to teach software testing using an automated grading system. We illustrate our didactic goals, describe the task design and technical implementation. Evaluation shows that students experience only a slight increase in difficulty compared to other tasks and perceive the task description as sufficient.


Beierlieb, Lukas; Iffländer, Lukas; Schneider, Tobias; Prantl, Thomas; Kounev, Samuel (2021): Teaching Software Testing Using Automated Grading. Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop "Automatische Bewertung von Programmieraufgaben" (ABP 2021),virtual event, October 28-29, 2021. DOI: 10.18420/abp2021-3. Vollbeiträge „Einsatzszenarien für die automatische Bewertung“