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The Dark Side of Photovoltaic – 3D Simulation of Glare Assessing Risk and Discomfort

dc.contributor.authorWollert, Alexander
dc.contributor.authorRose, Thomas
dc.contributor.editorPage, Bernd
dc.contributor.editorFleischer, Andreas G.
dc.contributor.editorGöbel, Johannes
dc.contributor.editorWohlgemuth, Volker
dc.description.abstractPhotovoltaic (PV) systems form an important force in the implementation of renewable energies, but as we all know, the force has always its dark side. Besides efficiency considerations and discussions about architectures of power distribution networks, environmental impacts caused by optical reflections are a serious concern. PV systems generate optical reflections resulting in glare. On the one hand, glare is a serious security concern, e.g. for traffic. On the other hand, glare is a constant source of discomfort in vicinities of PV systems. Location-oriented assessments are required to limit potential reflections and to avoid risks for public infrastructure and discomfort of residents. Hence, calculation of glare is decisive for the success of renewable energies with respect to solar energy. Several courts ruled on necessary adjustments of PV systems and even their de-installation because of glare effects. Our approach is to provide project planners with a 3D-based simulation software to calculate and visualise reflections towards the environment of PV systems. Hence, project planners receive flexible assistance for adjusting the parameters of solar panels before installation of a PV system.de
dc.publisherShaker Verlag
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings of the 27th Conference on Environmental Informatics - Informatics for Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development and Risk Management
dc.titleThe Dark Side of Photovoltaic – 3D Simulation of Glare Assessing Risk and Discomfortde
dc.typeText/Conference Paper
gi.conference.sessiontitleRenewable Energy and Wind Farms