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Challenges in Creating a Sustainable Generic Research Data Infrastructure


Research data management is of the utmost importance in a world where research data is created with an ever increasing amount and rate and with a high variety across all scientific disciplines. This paper especially discusses software engineering challenges stemming from creating a long-living software system. It aims at providing a reference implementation for a federated research data infrastructure including interconnected individual repositories for communities and an overarching search based on metadata. The challenges involve a high variety of evolving requirements, the management and development of the distributed and federated infrastructure that are based on exist- ing components, the piloting within the use cases, the efficient training of users, and how to enable the future sustainable operation.


Grunzke, Richard; Müller-Pfefferkorn, Ralph; Nagel, Wolfgang E.; Adolph, Tobias; Biardzki, Christoph; Frank, Anton; Bode, Arndt; Kazakova, Anastasia; Limani, Fidan; Latif, Atif; Busch, Anja; Borst, Timo; Tochtermann, Klaus; Neumann, Mathis; Sousa, Nelson Tavares de; Thomsen, Ingo; Hasselbring, Wilhelm; Tendel, Jakob; Bungartz, Hans-Joachim; Grimm, Christian (2017): Challenges in Creating a Sustainable Generic Research Data Infrastructure. Softwaretechnik-Trends: Vol. 37, No. 2. Berlin: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V., Fachgruppe PARS. PISSN: 0720-8928. pp. 74-77. 4th Collaborative Workshop on Evolution and Maintenance of Long-Living Software Systems (EMLS’17)