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Air Quality Information Service in Upper Silesia

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Within the frames of MARQUIS project, Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas was responsible, among others, for providing a reliable delivery of air pollution monitoring, modelled and forecast data as well as setting up a local air quality database server. The results of these tasks constitute the basis, on which a local air quality information service for Upper Silesia in Polish language, the so called MARQUIS Light (ML), was developed. The service provides current information on concentrations of five air pollutants (SO2, NO2, O3, CO and PM10) for 31 points, representing 14 monitoring stations, 2 health resorts and 15 Air Quality Assessment Zones. In addition to that, the service provides information on Air Quality Index and the relevant health precautions. Apart from the current data, the service provides information on forecast concentrations of four air pollutants (SO2, NO2, CO and PM10) for maximum 48 hours ahead, for 13 points representing monitoring stations. For these data the air quality index is calculated and in the case of an elevated level of air pollution (AQI >3) the reasons of that elevation are determined. Service functionality allows also determining the contribution of a given emission source type in the forecast concentration. This knowledge is one of the basic objectives of the air quality management. The service also provides both current and forecast data related to Polish and EU legislation concerning exceedance of air pollution thresholds. The computational kernel of the service is SINZAP modelling system (System for Identification of Air Pollution Inflow), developed at IETU. In calculations of air pollutant concentrations SINZAP utilizes a trajectory model, which is based on VLSTrack model. It uses three dimensional wind fields as well as spatial distribution of such meteorological parameters like Monin-Obukhov Length, Mixture High and Friction Velocity. Meteorological data used in simulations are obtained from HIRLAM meteorological model of FMI (Finish Meteorological Institute). Besides modelling of air pollutant concentrations SINZAP scans the internet pages searching through the accessible air pollution data, reads from the pages the data on the air pollution from outside of the Silesian Voivodeship. Thanks to adoption of emergency procedures, the information provided by the service is available non-stop, even in the case of failure of a given station or measurement gauge. The service provides information in a tabular, graphical, cartographical and textual form. The potential Silesian market of the MARQUIS Light service is limited to 205 customers, representing governmental administration as well as local governments. Further development of the service is focused on adaptation of the forecast model for ozone and in the case of a successful implementation of the MARQUIS full version at IETU – on introduction of a text generation technology into the MARQUIS LIGHT service.


Bronder, Joachim; Klis, Czeslaw; Dlugosz, Jacek (2007): Air Quality Information Service in Upper Silesia. Environmental Informatics and Systems Research. Aachen: Shaker Verlag. Environmental Information for Public. Warschau. 2007