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IMIS – Flexible and reliable data processing using automated task management

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IMIS (“Integrated Measuring and Information System”) is a complex information system which supports the task of minimizing exposure of humans to radioactivity and the radioactive contamination of the environment by informing extensively about radioactive data. To this end IMIS continuously monitors the radioactivity in a large variety of environmental mediums throughout the entire territory of Germany. IMIS gathers data from more than 2000 stationary metering stations, which monitor the radioactivity close to soil, in air and in water. Beyond that, the radioactivity in food, fodder, drinking water and waste water is determined from laboratory samples. All measured values are stored in a central database-cluster. Condat AG is updating IMIS for the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection. The new system will be completed at the end of 2004. With the help of the new IMIS Client-SW, users at 72 widely distributed institutions verify, aggregate, visualize and evaluate the measured values. This is accomplished by creating business charts, geographical maps and tables, which document the radioactive situation. The resulting documents are organized in an integrated document management system and can be accessed via intra-, extra- and on the internet. One of the central features of the new IMIS is its highly flexible task management component, which will be presented in this paper.


Schulz, Volkmar; van Nouhuys, Jo (2004): IMIS – Flexible and reliable data processing using automated task management. Sh@ring – EnviroInfo 2004. Geneva: Editions du Tricorne. Track 2: New Developments in Sharing Technologies. Geneva. 2004