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The Sahel-Doukkala Information Network (SaDIN) - A regional online geoinformation system

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A critical necessity to achieve international standards in public health, sustainable development and land management is to monitor all natural resources, problems and potentialities of a region. With the contribution of the LIFE – THIRD Countries financial instrument of the European Community, the SaDIN project creates a knowledge pool in the centre of the Chouaïb Doukkali University, El Jadida (Morocco), in collaboration with the Data Centre of the GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (Germany) and the private enterprise smartcube ltd. (Germany), in order to provide a basis for any sort of environmental investigations. It comprises tools for data acquisition, sample collection and multidisciplinary analysis with a long-term storage database. It addresses fundamental scientific, environmental and anthropological problems of national importance and social relevance. The aim is a regional real-time geoinformation system with worldwide access via Internet and interdisciplinary dynamic content enabling the communication between scientists, technicians and policy makers. These efforts are accompany by broad formations on geoinformatics for human capacity building. The scientific objectives of this project focuses on the evaluation of the potential of aquifers in the region, which supply an arid, yet increasingly densely populated area. These investigations are accompanied by an epidemiological study on the health situation of the local population, which would be seriously affected by groundwater pollution. Another main focus is based on environmental parameters, such as wildlife, vegetation and illegal waste dumps. The knowledge gained in this project will be a source for technology transfer and policy decisions. It is a pilot project, which could serve as an example for similar projects in other regions of northern Africa and beyond.


Löwner, Ralf; Souhel, Abdellatif (2004): The Sahel-Doukkala Information Network (SaDIN) - A regional online geoinformation system. Sh@ring – EnviroInfo 2004. Geneva: Editions du Tricorne. Posters. Geneva. 2004