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New Methods including Picture Processing for Hydro-Meteorological On-Line Data Acquisition

dc.contributor.authorKollmitzer, Christian
dc.contributor.authorSkritek, Paul
dc.contributor.authorWoletz, Kurt
dc.contributor.authorStadler, Hermann
dc.contributor.editorHryniewicz, Olgierd
dc.contributor.editorStudzinski, Jan
dc.contributor.editorRomaniuk, Maciej
dc.description.abstractEarly warning systems, quality control networks and sustainable protection of drinking water resources became more and more important as a main task of water resources management. They heavily rely on on-line measurements, which mostly are automated. Nevertheless the quality of the measured data can be increased by an integrated Quality Management System, including also the field measurement devices into a complete chain of quality traceability. To increase the data reliability alternative measuring methods have to be evaluated. In our prototype development staff gauge images are digitally processed to achieve a second value for the actual water-level. If the both detected water levels are different, an alarm is generated or remote configuration procedures are performed. The system is a contribution to an integrated Quality Management Tool, allowing retracing the complete chain of measuring value acquisition. Low Earth Orbit Satellites then allow worldwide “nomadic” on-line data-communication from otherwise inaccessible regions. Their combination with plausibility tests in the run-up to the database enables us to accept the great challenge of "real-time" supervision of the quality of the measurements.de
dc.publisherShaker Verlag
dc.relation.ispartofEnvironmental Informatics and Systems Research
dc.titleNew Methods including Picture Processing for Hydro-Meteorological On-Line Data Acquisitionde
dc.typeText/Conference Paper
gi.conference.sessiontitleMonitoring, Transmission and Visualization Systems