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Living Lab Bamberg: an infrastructure to explore smart city research challenges in the wild

dc.contributor.authorBenabbas, Aboubakr
dc.contributor.authorElmamooz, Golnaz
dc.contributor.authorLagesse, Brent
dc.contributor.authorNicklas, Daniela
dc.contributor.authorSchmid, Ute
dc.description.abstractThe growing number of smart technologies for ubiquitous sensing and interaction of computer systems and the physical environment offer many opportunities for more efficient usage of energy and other resources and to improve the quality of life among communities. There are numerous problems that must be solved first. Research areas such as security, privacy, data quality, and data modeling must be addressed. In order to move forward to a better world, we have established the living lab Bamberg where we will address these research problems and provide open data and interfaces to other researchers to enable collaboration and extensive testing of smart city research and applications. As we continue to use the living lab Bamberg to improve state of the art research in smart cities, we believe we will see smart city technology adopted more commonly and drastically improve the lives of people living in those cities.
dc.relation.ispartofKI - Künstliche Intelligenz: Vol. 31, No. 3
dc.relation.ispartofseriesKI - Künstliche Intelligenz
dc.titleLiving Lab Bamberg: an infrastructure to explore smart city research challenges in the wild
dc.typeText/Journal Article