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Modeling, obtaining and storing data from social media tools with Artefact-Actor-Networks

dc.contributor.authorReinhardt, Wolfgangde_DE
dc.contributor.authorVarlemann, Tobiasde_DE
dc.contributor.authorMoi, Matthiasde_DE
dc.contributor.authorWilke, Adriande_DE
dc.contributor.editorHartmann, Melaniede_DE
dc.contributor.editorHerder, Eelcode_DE
dc.contributor.editorKrause, Danielde_DE
dc.contributor.editorNauerz, Andreasde_DE
dc.description.abstractSocial interaction between people has peerlessly changed with the availability of the Internet and the World Wide Web. The Internet brought new ways of communication technologies to live and enhanced people’s reachability, augmented possibilities for personal presence and the sharing of information objects. People are engaging in social networks in a steadily growing manner and share information objects within their communities. The high initial amount of data in such networks can serve as foundation of serious investigations towards social interactions of communities of learners. In this paper we introduce the technological foundation and architecture to model, obtain and store such user and object in- formation in so-called Artefact-Actor-Networks. Artefact-Actor-Networks combine classical social networks with artefact networks that are constructed by the use of the information objects and their connections.
dc.relation.ispartof18th Intl. Workshop on Personalization and Recommendation on the Web and Beyondde_DE
dc.titleModeling, obtaining and storing data from social media tools with Artefact-Actor-Networksde_DE
dc.typeText/Conference Paper