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NATURE-SDIplus, a Network for SDI in Nature Conservation

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NATURE-SDIplus is a Best Practice Network co-funded by the European Commission under the eContentplus Programme. It aims to improve the harmonization of national datasets on nature conservation and make them more accessible and exploitable. In such a context, it contributes to the INSPIRE Directive implementation with specific reference to a cluster of data themes related to the Nature Conservation, listed in the Annex I (Protected sites) and Annex III (Biogeographical regions, Habitats&Biotopes and Species distribution). The project has accomplished many tasks and their outcomes cover contributions towards INSPIRE development and implementation process. The initial surveys (user needs, data availability and accessibility, datasets analysis), conducted in the first phase of the project, contributed greatly to the development of the NATURE-SDIplus metadata profiles and data models. Subsequently, the remodelling methodology was put forth to support the procedures for the metadata profiles and the data models implementation. To guarantee accessibility and usability of the harmonised data, the specification of the NATURESDIplus Infrastructure (with its core element the NATURE-SDIplus Geoportal) was developed. Finally, the last stage of the project was dedicated to the validation methodology development and application of such procedures. As an umbrella assuring the dissemination and awareness of the collected knowledge, the NATURESDIplus Training Framework for the NATURE-SDIplus Community has been built up. It provides help to the users to understand the problems in nature conservation, together with standards and technology issues. The Training in NATURE-SDIplus is based on e-learning capabilities, and is accessible through a dedicated portal containing information on the covered topics and courses’ metadata. The aim of the workshop contribution is to present and discuss with participating stakeholders and target audience the achieved results from the NATURE-SDIplus project and to support the INSPIRE implementation in the nature conservation domain and the environmental infrastructure.


Saio, Giorgio; Attardo, Carmelo; Hanzlova, Marketa (2011): NATURE-SDIplus, a Network for SDI in Nature Conservation. Innovations in Sharing Environmental Observations and Information. Aachen: Shaker Verlag. Environmental Information Systems, Service Infrastructures and Platforms (ENVIP). Ispra. 2011