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An Analysis of Regional Energy Demand and an Assessment of Potential CO2 Emission Reduction in Japan Using GIS

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This paper aims at the estimation of the contributions of distributed power systems to CO2 emission reduction and cost saving concretely by region of Japan. In our previous work (Mori, 2006), we picked up a medium city Utsunomiya which is located in the centre of Japan to evaluate the potential contribution of heat pump(HP), cogeneration system(CGS), district heating system (DHC) and their optimal combination to reduce CO2 emission. Since demand patterns on heat and electricity vary among consumer types and climate conditions, it is not applicable to evaluate the whole contribution of the above energy equipments to the CO2 emission reduction for Japan. In this paper, as an extension of our previous work, we applied the method to Sapporo and Okinawa located in north and south part of Japan and evaluate the potential contribution of them. We found a linear relationship between the ratio of commercial building floor area to total building floor area and potential CO2 reduction rate in case of full option and HP case in spite of the large difference of climate conditions. Assuming that the relationship between density of residential building area and the distance from the center of the city of Utsunomiya holds in other regions, we evaluate the potential CO2 reduction of the new energy equipments for 950 Japan cities where 18.6% CO2 emission reduction potential in total is indicated. Although there remain many issues in our study, this is the first estimation on the contribution of DHC, CGS and HP considering the partial load properties and GIS based detailed building data.


Mori, Shunsuke; Koike, Shogen; Ishida, Takeshi (2007): An Analysis of Regional Energy Demand and an Assessment of Potential CO2 Emission Reduction in Japan Using GIS. Environmental Informatics and Systems Research. Aachen: Shaker Verlag. Trends in Environmental Information and Geographical Information Systems. Warschau. 2007