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Adapting instructional hypermedia content to cognitive profiles

dc.contributor.authorPiombo, Christophede_DE
dc.contributor.authorBatatia, Hadjde_DE
dc.contributor.authorAyache, Alainde_DE
dc.description.abstractMost existing web based distant education environments take into consideration the notion of student profile. Despite the significant variability of the content of such profiles, some common features are commonly encountered, such as initial level of knowledge, progress indicators, and learning objectives. Few systems consider cognitive aspects when modelling student profile. The objective of our work is to investigate this latter issue. We are currently developing a student model based on cognitive parameters that include learning styles, social factors, perception preferences, motivation factors, among others. The methodology adopted is to validate this profile through experimental study and to develop an adaptive hypermedia education system that automatically learns student profile and adapts learning materials accordingly. This papers presents an overview of the objectives and the methodology of this work.
dc.relation.ispartof10. GI-Workshop "Adaptivität und Benutzermodellierung in interaktiven Softwaresystemen"de_DE
dc.titleAdapting instructional hypermedia content to cognitive profilesde_DE
dc.typeText/Conference Paper