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What is wrong with the IMS Learning Design specification? Constraints And Recommendations

dc.contributor.authorBurgos, Danielde_DE
dc.contributor.editorHartmann, Melaniede_DE
dc.contributor.editorHerder, Eelcode_DE
dc.contributor.editorKrause, Danielde_DE
dc.contributor.editorNauerz, Andreasde_DE
dc.description.abstractThe work presented in this paper summarizes the research performed in order to implement a set of Units of Learning (UoLs) focused on adaptive learning processes, using the specification IMS Learning Design (IMS-LD). Through the implementation and analysis of four learning scenarios, and one additional application case, we identify a number of constraints on the use of IMS-LD to support adaptive learning. Indeed, our work in this paper shows how IMS-LD expresses adaptation. In addition, our research presents a number of elements and features that should be improved and-or modified to achieve a better support of adaptation for learning processes. Furthermore, we point out to interoperability and authoring issues too. Finally, we use the work carried out to suggest extensions and modifications of IMS-LD with the final aim of better supporting the implementation of adaptive learning processes.
dc.relation.ispartof18th Intl. Workshop on Personalization and Recommendation on the Web and Beyondde_DE
dc.titleWhat is wrong with the IMS Learning Design specification? Constraints And Recommendationsde_DE
dc.typeText/Conference Paper