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Building a Wiki resource on digital 3D reconstruction related knowledge assets

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While single theoretical approaches related to visual humanities research and in particular digital 3D reconstruction – as the virtual, interpretative 3D modeling and visualization of historical objects – are widely described in compendia like Wikipedia, and various publications discuss approaches from certain disciplinary perspectives, a comprehensive and multidisciplinary systematization is still missing. Against this background, the research activity described within this article is intended to gain a wide and multidisciplinary overview for research approaches, theories, and methods which are relevant to investigate or explain knowledge-related phenomena in the context of visual humanities research and education. Design/methodology/approach – To meet these interests we intend to set up a Wiki resource as a structured repository. The content will be based on (a) interactive workshops held at conferences to collect and structure knowledge assets on visual knowledge involving experts from different domains. Moreover, (b) a student seminar starting in early 2017 is designated to describe some typical research designs as well as amend related methods and theories in the Wiki resource based on Wikipedia articles. A content structuring principle for the Wiki resource follows the guidelines of Wikimedia as well as plans for the results to be populated again in Wikipedia. Originality/value – While Wiki approaches are frequently used in the context of visual humanities, these resources are primarily created by experts. Furthermore, Wiki-based approaches related to visualization are often focused on a certain disciplinary context as, for example, art history. A unique aspect of the described setting is to build a Wiki on digital 3D reconstruction including expertise from different knowledge domains – i.e. on perception and cognition, didactics, information sciences, as well as computing and visual humanities. Moreover, the combination of student work and assessments by experts also provides novel insights for educational research. Practical implications – The intended product is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary structured repository on digital 3D reconstruction research approaches, methods, theories, publication bodies, and good practice examples. The editing of the project results into the Wikipedia will lead to a wide dissemination and visibility of group activities and outcomes as well as enhance competencies of all contributors on collaborative work.


Münster, Sandra; Niebling, Florian (2016): Building a Wiki resource on digital 3D reconstruction related knowledge assets. Workshop Gemeinschaften in Neuen Medien (GeNeMe) 2016. Dresden: TUDpress. pp. 184-195