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    Towards a Cloud Service for State-Machine Replication
    (Tagungsband des FG-BS Frühjahrstreffens 2023, 2023) Heß, Alexander; Hauck, Franz J.
    State-machine replication (SMR) is a well-known technique to achieve fault tolerance for services that require high availability and fast recovery times. While the concept of SMR has been extensively investigated, there are still missing building blocks to provide a generic offer, which automatically serves applications with SMR technology in the cloud. In this work, we introduce a cloud service architecture that enables automatic deployment of service applications based on customer-friendly service parameters, which are mapped onto an internal configuration that comprises the number of replicas, tolerable failures, and the consensus algorithm, amongst other aspects, The deployed service configuration is masked to large extent with the use of threshold signatures. As a consequence, a reconfiguration in the cloud deployment does not affect the client-side code. We conclude the paper by discussing open engineering questions that need to be addressed in order to provide a productive cloud offer.
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    Using Genode OS for Remotely Updated Embedded IoT Devices
    (Tagungsband des FG-BS Frühjahrstreffens 2023, 2023) Matthé, Maximilian; Kühne, Paul; Schlatow, Johannes
    This paper demonstrates the usage of the Genode OS for wirelessly connected, embedded IoT devices. We show that the modular Genode OS makes the system robust against corrupted or erroneous updates and provides builtin rollback functionality. It enables an increased uptime of the device compared to using an embedded Linux OS. We compare the performance of such device against an embedded Linux. The claimed properties are presented in the form of a demonstrator which can initiate discussions among experts from academia and industry.