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P107 - ISTA 2007 - Information Systems Technology and its Applications

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  • Konferenzbeitrag
    Towards Entropy-Based Requirements Elicitation
    (Information systems technology and its applications – 6th international conference – ISTA 2007, 2007) Kostanyan, Arkadiy V.; Shekhovtsov, Vladimir A.
    This paper presents our views towards constructing the universal parsing technique for the software requirements texts and the requirements elicitation technique based on the output of this parsing process. With the proposed parsing technique, it should be possible to achieve language-independent processing of the requirements texts. Source sentences are treated as systems with words as elements and with a state determining the set of links between elements. The main goal of the parser is to find the state of the system with the highest organization level by minimizing its entropy. The requirements elicitation technique extends trained indicator approach by Cleland-Huang treating inter-word links as indicators. The output of the elicitation process is the set of requirements information ready to be processed further using Conceptual and Aspectual Predesign techniques.
  • Konferenzbeitrag
    Evaluating PSI Ontologies by Mapping to the Common Sense
    (Information systems technology and its applications – 6th international conference – ISTA 2007, 2007) Keberle, Natalya; Ermolayev, Vadim; Matzke, Wolf-Ekkehard
    The paper presents the results of mapping of PSI Ontologies family to the foundational ontologies: WordNet, SUMO and DOLCE. The two main outcomes of the presented research are: reported manual technique may be used as initial evaluation of ontology claiming to be a golden standard for a new domain; and: usage of mentioned foundational ontologies for alignment of ontologies family of a given domain has shown differences between SUMO and DOLCE, two formal upper-level ontologies of common sense knowledge. The research reported was performed in the frame of our PSI project1.
  • Konferenzbeitrag
    Analytical data modeling of investment project financing process
    (Information systems technology and its applications – 6th international conference – ISTA 2007, 2007) Godlevskiy, Mikhail D.; Moskalenko, Valentina V.; Kondrashchenko, Vladimir V.
    The present work is devoted to the research of investment projects’ financing issues. Within this paper a data analytical tool for an optimal financing schema computation on the basis of solving the multicriterion dynamical problem is being presented. The model reflects the interests of both company and investor receiving maximum profit from the project execution as well as selection of a priority source of financing on the basis of capital cost minimization principle. We have developed the software on Java in order to perform an automated computation of an optimal financing schema using the suggested algorithm. The developed software is a complete solution for working with project data, obtaining the results (in the text and chart views) and generating reports.
  • Konferenzbeitrag
    Automated Coding of Qualitative Interviews with Latent Semantic Analysis
    (Information systems technology and its applications – 6th international conference – ISTA 2007, 2007) Feinerer, Ingo; Wild, Fridolin
    Coding and analysing qualitative interviews is one of several core techniques used in marketing research. Qualitative methods offer valuable information hardly gained by standard quantitative methods since open-ended questions and interviews provide deeper insight into customer demands. The main disadvantages of qualitative methods are their inherent subjectivity and their high costs. We tackle this problem by applying latent semantic analysis (LSA) in a fully automated way on transcripts of interviews and we propose two algorithms based on LSA. We evaluate the algorithms against two separate real-life cases taken from the automobile industry and from the Austrian mobile phone market. Thereby, we compare the machine results against marketing expert judgements and show that the algorithms proposed provide perfect reliability with appropriate validity in automated coding and textual analysis.
  • Konferenzbeitrag
    Game Theory-based Data Mining Technique for Strategy Making of a Soccer Simulation Coach Agent
    (Information systems technology and its applications – 6th international conference – ISTA 2007, 2007) Milani Fard, Amin; Salmani, Vahid; Naghibzadeh, Mahmoud; Khajouie Nejad, Sedigheh; Ahmadi, Hamed
    Soccer simulation is an effort to motivate researchers to perform artificial and robotic intelligence investigations in a multi-agent system framework. In this paper, we propose a game theoric-based data mining approach to help the coach agent select the best strategy for each soccer player agent in order to gain the most probable payoffs.These payoffs are calculated both static and dynamic i.e. are taken from experience results that are stored in a knowledge-base or is learned knowledge during the game. In this work we have confined ourselves to a model in which opponent strategy remains static. We take advantage of a learning algorithm with a polynomial time complexity in the number of states of the opponent strategy modeled by deterministic finite automata.
  • Konferenzbeitrag
    Towards Information Management System for Licensing in Higher Education: An Ontology-Based Approach
    (Information systems technology and its applications – 6th international conference – ISTA 2007, 2007) Cherednichenkoa, Olga; Kuklenkoa, Dmytro; Zlatkin, Sergiy
    Higher education licensing, i.e. the process of granting permissions to provide certain educational services, is an important process of public administration. Governmental bodies handle licensing requests submitted by education providers regularly. Such requests are supplemented with large amounts of information that demonstrates the actual situation in an education provider. At present this process is paper based and involves a lot of manual labor. This situation is similar for other types of education, e.g. primary and secondary, as well as for many countries. We, therefore, aim to computerize this process by creating a universal licensing information system (LIS). We base our approach on a domain ontology that defines the main concepts in the licensing process. In this paper we show how licensing process works now and propose the ways to make it more efficient. Then, we envisage the usage models of LIS, identify its main business actors and use cases, and provide a high-level architecture of the system. Finally, we present a fragment of the domain ontology in higher education domain.
  • Konferenzbeitrag
    Protocols for Mobile Devices Integration in Heterogeneous Environments
    (Information systems technology and its applications – 6th international conference – ISTA 2007, 2007) Doroshenko, Anatoliy; Yatsenko, Kyrylo
    An approach to construction of new class of cross-platform communication protocols XDEP (XML Data Exchange Protocol) is proposed. The goal is to facilitate specification-independent development of the client software for mobile devices in heterogeneous environments. The new class of the protocols is self describable which does not require providing specification documents to software developers. This makes also possible to provide multiversioning of protocols to be used on the same devices.
  • Konferenzbeitrag
    Measurement, Modelling and Management Approach to the Software Project Dynamics Optimisation
    (Information systems technology and its applications – 6th international conference – ISTA 2007, 2007) Soloshchuk, Vasyl
    In this paper the approach to the software project dynamics research and optimisation is presented. This approach is based on the Measurement, Modelling and Management of the software development process (the MMM approach). We propose to collect the statistics data of such software project parameters as software product size, requirements size, effort, duration, staff number, costs, etc. in order to forecast these parameters for future projects and optimise the whole software development process and its management. The chief practical impact of this research work is the project management system development based on the MMM approach. The research is supported by the IBM Faculty Awards program (2006-2007).
  • Konferenzbeitrag
    Knowledge-Oriented Approach to the Main Pipeline Complex Dispatching Control
    (Information systems technology and its applications – 6th international conference – ISTA 2007, 2007) Fedorovich, O. Ye.; Prokhorov, A. V.; Golovan, K. V.
    The article is devoted to the development of knowledge-oriented models that are able to increase the efficiency and quality of main pipeline complex (MPC) dispatching control. The main attention is paid to the dispatching control of electrochemical protection (ECP) of pipelines from corrosion. Functional knowledge-oriented model that is created on the basis of typical intelligent blocks is proposed. The set of intelligent blocks can solve logical and analytical problems as well as the problems of classification, finding of regularities, abstraction etc that can arise while solving the tasks which are difficult for formalization in ECP domain. The production-frame knowledge models to control the ECP processes have been developed. On the basis of the created models the instrumental tool for automated design of the decision support expert systems and the expert system for ECP process control have been constructed.