Time Matters - Even (more so) in Human-Robot Interactions

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Mensch und Computer 2023 - Workshopband
MCI-WS05: Time and Timing in Human-Computer Interaction
Robots are more and more integrated into everyday environments, which makes it essential to examine how to design them so that humans are motivated and capable to interact with them. An important challenge for robotics is to determine how to design robotsthat accurately infer the human interaction partner’s goals, intentions, and emotional states, and are able to adapt to their actions in time and space. Certain aspects of this challenge can be addressed through appropriate design of robot appearance and behavior, and equipping robots with appropriate models of social cognition. Other aspects, however, arise on the human side of the “equation”, where lifelong experience with human interaction partners raises certain expectations of how verbal and nonverbal social cues are supposed to be interpreted, how actions are supposed to be coordinated and how emotional and motivational states are supposed to be communicated. If a robot meets these expectations, humans can interact with it quite intuitively, make accurate predictions regarding its actions and intentions, and interpret its social signals with ease. The question is how robots can be equipped with representations to meet these expectations. Most robots, however, violate anthropomorphic expectations in terms of their appearance, behavior and cognition, which can negatively impact performance, affect and motivation in human-robot interaction. In this paper, we discuss how the interplay between robots’ actual capabilities and human expectations regarding these capabilities imposes challenges specifically for the time- dependent aspects of social human-robot interactions.
Russwinkel, Nele; Wiese, Eva (2023): Time Matters - Even (more so) in Human-Robot Interactions. Mensch und Computer 2023 - Workshopband. DOI: 10.18420/muc2023-mci-ws05-452. GI. MCI-WS05: Time and Timing in Human-Computer Interaction. Rapperswil. 3.-6. September 2023