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The RatioLog Project: Rational Extensions of Logical Reasoning

dc.contributor.authorFurbach, Ulrich
dc.contributor.authorSchon, Claudia
dc.contributor.authorStolzenburg, Frieder
dc.contributor.authorWeis, Karl-Heinz
dc.contributor.authorWirth, Claus-Peter
dc.description.abstractHigher-level cognition includes logical reasoning and the ability of question answering with common sense. The RatioLog project addresses the problem of rational reasoning in deep question answering by methods from automated deduction and cognitive computing. In a first phase, we combine techniques from information retrieval and machine learning to find appropriate answer candidates from the huge amount of text in the German version of the free encyclopedia “Wikipedia”. In a second phase, an automated theorem prover tries to verify the answer candidates on the basis of their logical representations. In a third phase—because the knowledge may be incomplete and inconsistent—we consider extensions of logical reasoning to improve the results. In this context, we work toward the application of techniques from human reasoning: We employ defeasible reasoning to compare the answers w.r.t. specificity, deontic logic, normative reasoning, and model construction. Moreover, we use integrated case-based reasoning and machine learning techniques on the basis of the semantic structure of the questions and answer candidates to learn giving the right answers.
dc.relation.ispartofKI - Künstliche Intelligenz: Vol. 29, No. 3
dc.relation.ispartofseriesKI - Künstliche Intelligenz
dc.subjectAutomated deduction
dc.subjectCase-based reasoning
dc.subjectCommon-sense reasoning
dc.subjectDefeasible reasoning
dc.subjectDeontic logic
dc.subjectQuestion answering
dc.titleThe RatioLog Project: Rational Extensions of Logical Reasoning
dc.typeText/Journal Article