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INSPIRE Catalogue Services for Environmental and Geographic Applications – Building Blocks for the Implementation

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Over the last decade catalogue services for environmental and geographic information were set up almost independently by administrations of the Länder. In both areas organizational structures were also implemented on a federal level to improve interoperability and to coordinate the activities. Driven by the INSPIRE process, such catalogue services are becoming more and more important. This paper is to present the activities in Bavaria in the context of other national approaches. The Umweltobjektkatalog (UOK) is the central database for metadata describing INSPIRE relevant objects. The UOK was designed and implemented by the environmental administration more then a decade ago and is now a well established system in this field. It was built to catalogue the many different information sources in a systematic and uniform way. The Bavarian Geodateninfrastruktur (GDI-BY) decided to use this system as the central technology concerning metadata for retrieval of data and services. It was adapted to the demands of the INSPIRE regulations. In Bavaria the environmental administration and the geodetic administration have jointly set up both organizational structures and information systems for catalogue services. A working group on metadata was set up as part of the GDI-BY to coordinate organizational issues on a operational level. Relevant data sets are transferred to information systems on the German federal level. The agreement of the Länder and the federal administration concerning the German Environmental Information Portal (Umweltportal Deutschland – PortalU) offers both comprehensive knowledge on metadata and on information portals. The German Geoinformation Infrastructure (GDI-DE) is the counterpart on the side the geoinformation offices. Based on this infrastructure the Free State of Bavaria has set up the required organizational and technical means connected to the federal level to fulfil the INSPIRE-Demands concerning metadata and catalogue services.


Adelhard, Klaus (2009): INSPIRE Catalogue Services for Environmental and Geographic Applications – Building Blocks for the Implementation. Environmental Informatics and Industrial Environmental Protection: Concepts, Methods and Tools. Aachen: Shaker Verlag. Applications of Geographical Information Systems. Berlin. 2009