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Das integrierte Datenmodell des Hessischen Erdinformationssystems HEISS


The Hessian Soil Information System HEISS is developed at the Hessian Geological Survey with the target to administer the large quantity of its geoscientifical data in a system uniformly. For the implementation of the system a general object-relational data model for the central administration of the data was developed. For all areas of the system development client-server Intranetapplications were created, with whose assistance the data modelling can be made. Based on the central data model there are applications available to edit and search the geoscientific data as well. As a first step information systems for the areas of geology and soil science and soil protection are in development at present.


Classen, Willi; Friedrich, Klaus; Stärk, Achim; Ulmer, Dominik (1998): Das integrierte Datenmodell des Hessischen Erdinformationssystems HEISS. Umweltinformatik ’98 - Vernetzte Strukturen in Informatik, Umwelt und Wirtschaft - Computer Science for Environmental Protection ’98 - Networked Structures in Information Technology, the Environment and Business. Marburg: Metropolis. Integration und Retrieval von Umweltdaten, Internet/Intranet; Integration and Retrieval of Environmental Data, Internet/Intranet. Bremen. 1998