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Requirements for Collaborative Process Design


Effective and successful support of collaborative process design in a distributed environment is largely dependent on the mutual intelligibility of processes for the involved parties. This requires an ICT-supported modelling framework that captures information provided by stakeholders and presents it in an accurate way to the other involved parties. We introduce a novel, distributed approach for process modelling, which allows to build abstract models of processes, business rules and constraints. The focus of this approach lays on enabling the creation of simple descriptions of enterprise internal processes and supporting refinement when necessary. This paper presents the underlying novel modelling notation and a list of identified requirements and research questions for a framework that ensures intelligibility and allows to interconnect the individual models.


Oppl, Stefan; Weichhart, Georg (2005): Requirements for Collaborative Process Design. Mensch & Computer 2005. Workshop-Proceedings der 5. fachübergreifenden Konferenz.. Wien: OCG. ISBN: 3-85403-197-1. pp. 15-21. Kollaborative Cross-Organisationale Prozessgestaltung – Koordination von Menschen und Agenten