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A Multi-Platform Small Scale Drone Demonstrator for Technology Maturation of Next Generation Avionic Functions

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Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.


The emerging need for new types of airborne platforms that are to be operated in a System-of-Systems context, e.g. like the European Future Combat Air System, drives the development and maturation of new technologies for the next generation of military aircraft. A special focus is on the utilization of swarms/teams of unmanned platforms which are envisaged to be operated in highly automated collaboration with manned platforms. To accelerate the development of those technologies Airbus Defence and Space has launched a small scale demonstrator project using customized Micro Air Vehicles 2. This enables modular and agile technology integration with low threshold to get new developments airborne. A major focus of the recent activities has been the establishment and enhancement of the development environment including test benches, mission software and ground control station. However, already a fi rst set of new technologies for formation management, collaborative navigation and sensor management as well as multiple sensors like a radio frequency emitter localization sensor and an industrial camera have been integrated and tested comprehensively. In summary it can be confi rmed that there are major benefi ts in the utilization of Micro Air Vehicles as rapid prototyping platform for avionics technology maturation.


Pickard, Michael; Ludewig, Philipp; Halbig, Jens; Krach, Bernhard (2022): A Multi-Platform Small Scale Drone Demonstrator for Technology Maturation of Next Generation Avionic Functions. Software Engineering 2022 Workshops. DOI: 10.18420/se2022-ws-15. Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.. pp. 128-147. AvioSE. Berlin (virtuell). 21.- 25. Februar