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Gewerbeflächeninformationssystem und Kompensationsflächenmanagement für den Emscher-Lippe-Raum (GISELA)

dc.contributor.authorDressel, Jürgen
dc.contributor.authorSigesmund, Anja
dc.contributor.editorCremers, Armin B.
dc.contributor.editorGreve, Klaus
dc.description.abstractCommercial area information-system and compensation area management for the Emscher-Lippe-Region (GISELA) The municipal district of Recklinghausen is currently working on a regional area management scheme" in collaboration with the Bottrop and Gelsenkirchen corporations. The most significant component is the development of a commercial area information-system as well as compensation area management to cater for the Emscher-Lippe-area. The project "GISELA" presents a new, regionally adaptable method of dealing with area ressources. Emphasis is focused on commercial and compensation areas, as the contents of these area-categories are closely related. The applications KAplus! (compensation areas) and GEplus! (promotion of economic development, commercial areas, halls and offices), both developed by the company GeoDok, serve as basis software for all the participants of the project. GeoDok is not only developing the software but is also responsible for conducting and consulting the project. The specific data are saved in an SQLdatabase; the areas can be visualized with the Geographic Information Systems ArcView GIS and Mapinfo. After decentral recording the aquired data, the daily updated geographical and other relevant data types are placed on a server at the disposal of all project participents. Through this procedure, the development of a regional information and communication platform can be achieved. During the course of this process, it will be aimed at accomplishing a more efficient dealing with areas through new ways of cooperation, information and communication, including synergetic effects and a more profitable use of the regional potential.de
dc.relation.ispartofUmweltinformatik ’00 Umweltinformation für Planung, Politik und Öffentlichkeit
dc.titleGewerbeflächeninformationssystem und Kompensationsflächenmanagement für den Emscher-Lippe-Raum (GISELA)de
dc.typeText/Conference Paper
gi.conference.sessiontitleFlächenbezogene Informationssysteme; Spatially Related Information Systems