Tracking Stakeholder Perceptions on Climate Change

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Environmental Informatics and Industrial Environmental Protection: Concepts, Methods and Tools
IT for Climate Change and Climate Change Adaption
Shaker Verlag
The Media Watch on Climate Change is a domain-specific news aggregation portal that combines a portfolio of semantic services with a visual information exploration and retrieval interface (www.ecoresearch.net/climate). It provides a comprehensive and continuously updated account of online media coverage on climate change and related issues. The portal aggregates, filters and visualizes environmental content from the Web sites of AngloAmerican news media sites, blogs, environmental organizations, and the Fortune 1000 companies. The heterogeneous sources reflect the perceptions of different stakeholders, who have a unique stance on environmental strategies and a varied means to promote and implement them. The system builds contextualized information spaces by enriching a content repository with geospatial, semantic and temporal annotations, and by applying semi-automated ontology learning to create a controlled vocabulary for structuring the stored information. Portlets visualize the different dimensions of the contextualized information spaces, providing the user with multiple views on the latest news media coverage. Context information facilitates access to complex datasets and helps users navigate large repositories of Web documents. Currently, the system synchronizes information landscapes, domain ontologies, geographic maps, tag clouds and just-in-time information retrieval agents that suggest similar topics and nearby locations. Acknowledgement. RAVEN (Relation Analysis and Visualization for Evolving Networks) is a research project within the strategic objective FIT-IT Semantic Systems (www.modul.ac.at/nmt/raven). The system been developed by S. Kamran Ali Ahmad (knowledge planet), A. Dickinger (usability), A. Hubmann-Haidvogel (frontend), H.-P. Lang (ontology map), W. Rafelsberger (tag cloud), A. Scharl (project lead), H. Stern (geotagging), A. Weichselbraun (technical lead), G. Wohlgenannt (system architecture), and D. Zibold (ontology map). The semantic map's force-directed placement algorithms have jointly been developed with V. Sabol and M. Muhr from Know-Center Graz.
Scharl, Arno (2009): Tracking Stakeholder Perceptions on Climate Change. Environmental Informatics and Industrial Environmental Protection: Concepts, Methods and Tools. Aachen: Shaker Verlag. IT for Climate Change and Climate Change Adaption. Berlin. 2009