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Spatial Grouping on Interactive Surfaces Bin & Blub


This demo presents two interaction techniques for grouping items spatially on a tabletop interface. It allows participants of the conference to experience and compare the container technique Bin and the proximity technique Blub . While the container concept is similar to the folder concept on desktop systems, the proximity technique is a novel organic concept based on spatial proximity. Within an associated paper submitted to the main conference track, we studied the characteristics of both techniques in regard to grouping and regrouping performance, grouping strategies and use of multifinger input. Our study showed that more informal spatial techniques based on proximity are able to harness more benefits of direct-touch multi-finger and bimanual interaction. In our demo, participants will be able to compete in grouping items with both techniques.


Höchtl, Anita; Geyer, Florian; Reiterer, Harald (2012): Spatial Grouping on Interactive Surfaces Bin & Blub. Mensch & Computer 2012 – Workshopband: interaktiv informiert – allgegenwärtig und allumfassend!?. München: Oldenbourg Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-486-71990-1. pp. 469-471. inter|aktion Demosession