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From regional to European level: INSPIRE best practice network on providing soil data

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The best practice network GS SOIL “Assessment and strategic development of INSPIRE compliant GeodataServices for European Soil Data” established a European best practice network to improve the access to spatial digital soil data. In total, 34 project partners out of 18 European member states participated until May 2012. The role of the GS Soil best practice network is vital for the establishment of a Spatial Data Infrastructure for digital soil data in Europe. This in turn fosters - for a specific domain - the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, which is essential for the successful cooperation of regional, national and European authorities in order to increase the access to spatial digital geodata. The GS Soil network centred the implementation on three core activities and results: Firstly, on the study of the frame conditions for improved soil data access in Europe. Secondly, on the development of an infrastructure for soil data exchange with two specific components: An integrated network, especially for data sets and with a technical infrastructure – the GS SOIL Portal (www.gssoil-portal.eu). Thirdly, on guidance for harmonizing soil data under the framework of the INSPIRE Directive and even beyond. Finally, it also conclude on the long term vision about the availability of digital soil information and thus on the extrapolation of the results achieved in the last three years of this European project related work.


Feiden, Katharina (2012): From regional to European level: INSPIRE best practice network on providing soil data. EnviroInfo Dessau 2012, Part 1: Core Application Areas. Aachen: Shaker Verlag. INSPIRE, GMES, GEOSS. Dessau. 2012