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The challenge of inter-organizational information availability and Industrial Symbiosis

dc.contributor.authorJacobsen, Noel Brings
dc.contributor.editorWohlgemuth, Volker
dc.contributor.editorPage, Bernd
dc.contributor.editorVoigt, Kristina
dc.description.abstractIndustrial symbiosis takes the spatial embedding and agglomeration of industrial activity as the key to improving industrial sustainability. Industrial symbiosis prescribes that wasted material, water or energy from one industrial process can serve as feedstock for another industrial process thereby advancing the vision of industrial ecosystems by which virtually nothing goes to waste and higher levels of resource utilization can be reached. This ‘extended view’ or system view of environmental concern raises some fundamental challenges, but also has a potential for improving industrial sustainability. The understanding of the factors and processes leading to establishment of industrial symbiosis synergies has become an explicit challenge. On the one hand has technoeconomical and environmental factors been highlighted as central factors in IS implementation processes. On the other hand has also more social oriented factors been seen as central. However, in which way and under what circumstances these factors are important and how they interrelate is still an open question. The objective of the paper is to discuss the role of social oriented factors like inter-organizational information availability in the process of facilitating industrial symbiosis. A special emphasis will be given to the role of information technology, inter-organizational information availability and the challenge of organizing industrial symbiosis inputoutput matches.de
dc.publisherShaker Verlag
dc.relation.ispartofEnvironmental Informatics and Industrial Environmental Protection: Concepts, Methods and Tools
dc.titleThe challenge of inter-organizational information availability and Industrial Symbiosisde
dc.typeText/Conference Paper
gi.conference.sessiontitleThe Role of ICT in Industrial Symbiosis Projects