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Protecting Water Supply Quality – Decision Support Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

dc.contributor.authorFoster, Jim
dc.contributor.authorMcDonald, Adrian
dc.contributor.editorCremers, Armin B.
dc.contributor.editorGreve, Klaus
dc.description.abstractIn order to optimise the quality and use of abstracted waters it is imperative to assess the risk of pollution from the catchment area upstream of the supply intake. This process can be greatly facilitated through the use of environmental spatial data and decision support software. This paper describes the development of a number of tools to support environmental risk assessment and operational decision making using a variety of environmental spatial data. The process of risk assessment for pollution prediction is a novel application of geoenvironmental information. This process requires the assimilation of data which are spatially variable in nature, making geographical information systems (GIS) an ideal tool for such assessments. PC-based geographical information systems (WINGS and Mapinfo Professional) are used in the evolution of a risk assessment methodology to determine catchment risk. Examples are given showing how raster and vector data are used within a GIS framework to produce maps indicating areas of potential hazard to water quality within the River Wharfe catchment of North Yorkshire (UK). Data are also coupled with known modelling techniques to predict and quantify risk frequency and impact. The work illustrates the potential of GIS to encourage the predictive management of water supply intakes through the assessments of hazard and risk and the modelling of management strategies such as specified grazing areas and the selective use of supply sources. The information science aspects of this development work are described and a number of example applications are illustrated that are of potential interest to end users.de
dc.relation.ispartofUmweltinformatik ’00 Umweltinformation für Planung, Politik und Öffentlichkeit
dc.titleProtecting Water Supply Quality – Decision Support Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)de
dc.typeText/Conference Paper
gi.conference.sessiontitleSchutz von Wasserressourcen; Protecting Water Resources