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A GIS Mapping Framework for the Cultural Site/Route Management of the Mundo Maya Sustainable Tourism Program

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Masaryk University Brno


The Maya World covers approximately 500,000 square kilometres in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico and includes a 1,000-kilometre shoreline that is part of the Meso-American reef system, a number of terminal mountain ranges and a tropical forest. The region is not only beautiful, but also vital to the Earth’s environment, as we know it. The paper describes a geographic information system (GIS) mapping framework, guidelines and implementation of the internet mapping site, containing an interactive map with the appropriate visual and contextual tools that allow dedicated management of the region’s cultural sites and routes. A large set of data from different sources, of different quality and completeness, has been obtained, modified and prepared for internet use. The processed data layers provide general information on the Mundo Maya project, areas of interest, human activity and organization as well as basic landscape features. While designing the functional and structural framework of the GIS mapping site, the following basic concepts were considered: it has to serve various potential users, including environmental managers, ministries of tourism, academic institutes, private sector and the general public; it has to be simple, easily understandable and manageable; at the same time it has to allow basic analysis. The strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities that may occur with the establishment of an internet GIS site have also been taken into account. The Mundo Maya Sustainable Tourism Program mapping site has successfully demonstrated the potential of internet GIS technology. Nevertheless the initial investment will be justified only if the site is used, fully exploited and further developed.


Kokalj, Žiga; Pehani, Peter; Podobnikar, Tomaž; Goodchild, Helen; Gaffney, Vince; Oštir, Krištof (2005): A GIS Mapping Framework for the Cultural Site/Route Management of the Mundo Maya Sustainable Tourism Program. Informatics for Environmental Protection - Networking Environmental Information. Brno: Masaryk University Brno. Geographical information systems and their applications. Brno. 2005