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  • Workshopbeitrag
    Human-Robot Interaction: Delineating the boundaries of Ethical compliance
    (Mensch und Computer 2022 - Workshopband, 2022) Ugbomoiko, Basil; Lamsal, Ishan
    From the industrial age, the concept of increased automation particularly aimed at improving efficiency in the manufacturing sector began to emerge & has only intensified through the fourth industrial revolution, to include almost all spheres of human activity ranging from military use to even civilian engagements such as hospitality and even in the health sector. This paper aims to evaluate the role of robots in society and attempt to make a case for establishing an ethical baseline for human-robot interaction.
  • Workshopbeitrag
    Physical appearance drives design: Insights from co-designing a citizens’ initiative robot with high school students
    (Mensch und Computer 2022 - Workshopband, 2022) Kaipainen, Kirsikka; Jarske, Salla; Ahtinen, Aino; Väänänen, Kaisa
    Physical embodiment of a robot is a key factor in determining how humans perceive its social role and capabilities. We conducted a pilot design course for three high school students to study the codesign process of robots for societal participation. Our observations from the co-design sessions indicate that when co-designing on an existing robot platform with people with no prior design experience, the physical appearance of the robot can become the driving factor behind the design choices, which presents the challenge of limiting creativity. We propose experience goals and experiential methods such as bodystorming for overcoming the challenge.
  • Workshopbeitrag
    Personalizing Robot Avatars - Opening the Discussion
    (Mensch und Computer 2022 - Workshopband, 2022) Häkkilä, Jonna; Paananen, Siiri; Väänänen, Kaisa
    In this paper, we discuss on the possibilities of personalizing a robot avatar, which may become a realistic use case with the remote presence technologies become more popular. We present an initial user study, where workshop participants (n=7) present their ideas of outlook characteristics and use cases for a personal robot avatar.
  • Workshopbeitrag
    How users solve problems with presence and affordance in interactions with conversational agents: A wizard of Oz study
    (Mensch und Computer 2022 - Workshopband, 2022) Sugisaki, Kyoko
    In this paper, we present a case study that investigates how users cope with the interactional problems with a multimodal agent in a real-life situation. We conducted a wizard-of-oz study on humanavatar interaction at a science fair and analysed the screen-recorded data of 127 user interactions with the help of conversation analysis. The major problems encountered by users were those of the presence and affordance of the conversational agent. Our results show that wizard-of-oz studies in the wild shed light on these more general fundamental conditions on the interaction, most prominently in the opening section.
  • Workshopbeitrag
    Exploring Human-robot Interaction by Simulating Robots
    (Mensch und Computer 2022 - Workshopband, 2022) Kassem, Khaled; Michahelles, Florian
    As collaborative robots enter industrial shop floors, logistics, and manufacturing, rapid and flexible evaluation of human-machine interaction has become more important. The availability of consumer headsets for virtual and augmented realities has lowered the barrier of entry for virtual environments. In this paper, we explore the different aspects of using such environments for simulating robots in user studies and present the first findings from our own research work. Finally, we recommend directions for applying and using simulation in human-robot interaction.
  • Workshopbeitrag
    Customizing Social Assistant Robots - Concepting Functionalities and Aesthetics
    (Mensch und Computer 2022 - Workshopband, 2022) Paananen, Siiri; Eckhoff, Emma; Häkkilä, Jonna; Ahtinen, Aino; Väänänen, Kaisa
    In this paper, we discuss customizing of social robots, including personal assistant robots, focusing on aesthetics and functionalities. The results of a robot co-design workshop related to customizing social robots are presented. The proposed customization examples include items such as clothes, accessories and different visuals and sounds for various scenarios and tasks, including home and remote work settings.
  • Workshopbeitrag
    Design Cases for Rescue and Maintenance Robots in a Northern Use Context
    (Mensch und Computer 2022 - Workshopband, 2022) Colley, Ashley; Eto, Juri; Saavalainen, Juha; Hannula, Petri; Häkkilä, Jonna
    In this paper, we describe our work on creating robot concepts for use in a northern peripheral context. We present three concept designs for maintenance and rescue robots for (sub)arctic use cases, where snow, cold and long distances create needs but also design challenges for robots. The concepts illustrate plausible use cases for outdoor robots in the north.
  • Workshopbeitrag
    Robo-Tooltips: Understandable Robots for Trustworthy Interactions
    (Mensch und Computer 2022 - Workshopband, 2022) Schött, Svenja Yvonne; Butz, Andreas
    Trust is a factor that can positively influence human-robot interactions. Transparent robot design and appropriately timed explanations have the potential to help users calibrate their trust in a robotic system. We introduce the idea of robo-tooltips, physical markers that signal to users that additional information about the robot is available, which they can access at their own discretion. We showcase the concept, which is similar to the tooltips used in desktop environments, by attaching QR codes to a robot. When the user interacts with the QR code, descriptions on the capabilities and behavior of the respective part of the robot are displayed. We present scenarios during which the user retrieves information using robo-tooltips. Further, we discuss some opportunities and challenges of offering optional explanations during human-robot interaction and outline directions for future work.
  • Workshopbeitrag
    Codesign ending up with n=1
    (Mensch und Computer 2022 - Workshopband, 2022) Mucha, Henrik
    is not a classic paper. It is a thought piece. In the tradition of the workshop it is a stream of consciousness on a topic relevant to the workshop. It has no references. It is utterly opinion from personal experience. It is meant to start a conversation. A conversation on incentives for participation when designing in knowledge-intensive domains such as healthcare.
  • Workshopbeitrag
    Beteiligung älterer Menschen an der Entwicklung einer digitalen Plattform zur Rekrutierung von Betreuungs- und Pflegefachpersonen
    (Mensch und Computer 2022 - Workshopband, 2022) Braunwalder, Rhea; Molterer, Katharina; Misoch, Sabina
    In einem europäischen Forschungsprojekt sind ältere Menschen an der Entwicklung einer digitalen Plattform zur Rekrutierung von Pflegefachpersonen beteiligt. In diesem Position Paper werden der Forschungskontext sowie verschiedene Entwicklungsphasen vor dem Hintergrund der Beteiligung ältere Menschen am digitalen Endprodukt reflektiert. Von Seitens der Forschenden benötigt es im Prozess in der Interaktion mit Teilnehmenden Flexibilität, Rücksicht und Offenheit. In der interdisziplinären Zusammenarbeit in Teams von Forschenden sind der Informationstransfer, Transparenz und digitale kollaborative Plattformen zentral.